Eric Evans

Author of “Domain-Driven Design”

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

Object Design Pioneer

Ward Cunningham

Inventor of Wiki

Vaughn Vernon

Author of “Implementing DDD”

Alberto Brandolini

Inventor of EventStorming

Julie Lerman

Serial DDD Advocate

Mathias Verraes

Student of Systems

Chris Richardson

Java Champion and Author of POJOs in Action

Paul Rayner

Domain Remodeler

Allard Buijze

Creator of Axon Framework

Anita Kvamme

UX Expert, Business Analyst and Software Developer

Scott Bellware

Asker of Inconvenient Questions

Dan Bergh johnsson

Secure Domain Philosopher

Dan Sharp

Solutions Architect

Daniel Deogun

Author of Secure by Design, DDD Enthusiast, Coder and Quality Defender

Yves Reynhout

The Journeylist

Vladik Khononov

I Model Business Domains For Fun.

David Laribee

Designer or Engineer? Yes!

Derek Comartin

Domain Junkie

Ellen Lippe

Intense perfectionist with a passion for DDD and BDD

Javier Fernández

Full-stack developer. @dddmadrid Organizer


DDD Practitioner and FP aficionado

Jimmy Bogard

Shipper of Things

Martin Schimak

Domain (De)Coder

Nicolò Pignatelli

Domain Bard

Steven Lowe

Author of "Head-First Domain-Driven Design" O'Reilly 2018?

Thomas Pierrain

Use-case Driven

Indu Alagarsamy


Jean-François Cloutier

Accidental DDDer

Bruno Boucard

Emancipating Developers