Conference September 12 - 14, 2018

Workshops September 10 - 12, 2018

Grand Hyatt – Denver, Colorado, USA

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About Explore DDD

The Explore DDD Conference sets the perfect stage to discover how industry peers and leaders are using DDD to build better software:

Conference and pre-conference workshop tickets go on sale Wednesday, March 21. Conference registration is capped at 225 attendees.

Featured Speakers


Eric Evans

Author of “Domain-Driven Design”

Michael Feathers

Discerner of the Code

Jessica Kerr


Alberto Brandolini

Inventor of EventStorming

Wassel Alazhar

Passionate software craftsman

Laura Savino

Mobile Developer & Mentor

David Boike

Distributed Systems and Stuff

Indu Alagarsamy

Event-Driven Model Enthusiast

Allard Buijze

Creator of Axon Framework

Mathias Verraes

Student of Systems

Nick Tune

Strategic Design Specialist

Trevor Conn

Principal Software Engineer

Harry Brumleve

Emerging Human, Recovering Engineer

Jean François Cloutier

Accidental DDDer

Martin Schimak

Domain (de)coder

Mauro Servienti


Paul Rayner

Domain Remodeler

Rinat Shagisultanov

Better by Design, Excel by Build

Dave Buchanan

Software Architect

David J Glaubman

Grizzled Optimist

Henning Schwentner

Domain Storyteller

Bruno Boucard

Emancipating Developers

Justin Holmes

Event Stormer

Stefan Hofer

Thomas Pierrain

Use Case Driven

Marco Heimeshoff

Organiser of KanDDDinsky

Yves Reynhout

The Journeylist