Call for Proposals

CFP opens December 12, 2018. Mark your calendar.

Should you submit your talk, workshop, or hands-on session idea?

Yes, definitely! Submitting proposals is your job. Worrying about what fits the program is ours. When in doubt, submit your proposal.

We are dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming environment for everyone. As part of submitting a proposal, you agree to comply with the conference Code of Conduct.

To maximize your chances of being on the conference program, please read and follow the CFP guidelines below carefully.

Read through the guidelines below and still need help? Reach out to us via Twitter @exploreddd or email If you would like support to help you develop your unfinished ideas into a great session, just let us know and we'll connect you with someone who can help.

CFP Guidelines

Explore DDD is a conference with Domain-Driven Design at the center, with participants sharing insights, experiences, and experiments in real-world software design. We are aiming for content that shares a pragmatic and grounded approach to modeling and design.

Presenters should aim to share stories of the tradeoffs, missteps and challenges they’ve encountered in software design, as well as how it has accelerated development. Design is hard, so we don't want to downplay the challenges of doing good design in the messy rough-and-tumble environment of delivering successful software solutions. We're interested in DDD-flavored approaches to topics such as:


You can propose as many sessions as you like for any of these formats:

Format Length
Regular talk 45 min
Hands-on session 120 min
2-Day Pre-Conference Workshop (Tuesday & Wednesday) 16 hours
1-Day Pre-Conference Workshop 8 hours

Note: Regular talks will be professionally video recorded and made freely available online after the conference.

What About Running a Conference Hands-on Session?

An ideal conference two hour hands-on session:

Increase Your Chances

Evaluating a submission based on nothing but an abstract is hard. Help us get to know you and your ideas by:

We generally prefer talks that are not technology-specific, although exceptions are possible. Code examples in talks are welcome, but should be understandable by developers not familiar with your programming language.

Building a program involves lots of trade offs, and often we have the painful task of refusing great proposals for other reasons than the topic. If yours is not accepted, please consider this an invitation to try again next year.

A 1-minute soft pitch at the beginning or end of your talk is acceptable, but don't make your talk a sales pitch. Instead, if you would like to pitch your product or service, we provide plenty of sponsorship opportunities.

Submission Process

  1. Send us as many proposals as you’d like, for as many of the accepted formats as you like, before the submission.
  2. We are likely to start accepting proposals before the deadline, so being early helps.
  3. We might ask you to have a short conference call with us. Sometimes we like to ask for clarifications, or suggest changes to the contents or the format. If we contact you for such a call, it is not a guarantee your proposal will be accepted.
  4. We’ll notify you at latest 30 days after the submission deadline whether your idea is accepted or not. We'll ask for a final confirmation before announcing you.
  5. Even after the you've been accepted, we'd like to help you make the most of your presentation or workshop. That's why we offer presentation support. We'll put you in touch with other speakers, to help you develop your material, be your sounding board, and give you feedback. We might also ask you to do the same for others. We've found that even for experienced speakers, a bit of back and forth can greatly improve the presentation or workshop.


Our goal is to make this a wonderful, memorable, and welcoming conference experience for all our speakers.

Expense allowances will be reimbursed with receipts as follows: Domestic flights (within USA) up to $500 USD, international up to $1,400 USD. This includes a complimentary conference hotel stay (with breakfast) during the conference: We cover Monday and Tuesday nights for 2-Day Pre-Conference Workshops instructors; Wednesday and Thursday nights for the Conference.

The speakers' dinner will be on Thursday evening. For any special requirements or custom agreements, please include it in your submission or contact us.

Alternatively, your company can pay for expenses instead, which increases our ability to fund other conference offerings. We are also happy to offer sponsorship visibility for your company.

Our travel reimbursement policy is the same for the conference and the pre-conference workshops. In addition, the profit share for the workshops is 50% of ticket sales after venue expenses (i.e. AV, room setup, workshop supplies and printing of materials, food and beverage etc.).