Adela Almasan

Software Engineer, Grafana Labs

Adrien Abrams

Beeline Strategy

Alberto Acerbis

Intré, Passionate dev, author, learner

Alberto Brandolini

Modeling Anything

Alessandro Colla

Tech enthusiast, programmer, author, agile practitioner

Anita Kvamme

Passionate UX person in love with DDD

Chris Richardson

Author of Microservice Patterns and founder of Eventuate.io

Dan Young & Mike Rozinsky

When & How Studios

Dave Buchanan

VP of Engineering

David Laribee

CEO & Cofounder, Nerd/Noir

Davide Mauri

Microsoft, Principal Product Manager

Diana Montalion

Mentrix: Principal

Eric Evans

Author of Domain-Driven Design

Erik Shafer

Developer Advocate at Event Store

Henning Schwentner

Coder, Coach, Consultant at WPS – Workplace Solutions

Holly Bielawa

Head of Product Coaching, Jeff Patton and Associates

Indu Alagarsamy

Principal Engineer

Jacqui Read

Author of Communication Patterns

James Higginbotham

API Architect

Javiera Laso

Technical Principal at Thoughtworks

Jerry Nixon

Microsoft Nerd in Colorado

Jessica Kerr


John Connolly

Domain-Driven Designer, Eventstormer, Facilitator, Trainer

John Feminella

SVP Technology, Nuvalence

John Phamvan

Founder, Kind Systems

Joseph Yoder

The Refactory - MetaYoda

Lesley Cordero

Staff Software Engineer, The New York Times

Matt Jones

Head of Solution Architecture

Matteo Cavucci

Agile consultant

Nathan Marrs

Tech Lead of Data Visualization at Grafana Labs

Nick Tune

Principal Consultant at Empathy Software, Author of Architecture Modernization

Paul Rayner

Domain Remodeler

Pete Williams

Director of Software Architecture at Hagerty

Philip Bohnenkamp

Independent Consultant

Randy Shoup

Consulting CTO

Ryan Shriver

CTO of SingleStone

Sarah Aslanifar

Principal Consultant at Equal Experts

Sonya Natanzon

Solution architect at Guardant Health

Susanne Kaiser

Independent Tech Consultant at Susanne Kaiser Tech Consulting

Thomas Betts

InfoQ Lead Editor for Architecture & Design

Tobias Goeschel

Senior Solutions Architect, FSI at AWS

Tom Wheeler

Principal Curriculum Developer and Developer Advocate @ Temporal Technologies

Vaughn Vernon

Software Ecologist, Architect, Modeler; Optimizer of Teams and Individuals; Domain-Driven Design and Systems Transformation

Wei (David) Wang

Founder of Zhipu Tech and co-founder of DDDChina

Xi Palazzolo

Founder of Sunrise AI

Xin Yao

Independent Consultant - contextualizing DDD, systems leadership & sociotechnical architecture

Zhen Goh

Director, The Emerginarium and AGLX Singapore

Zsófia Herendi

Solution Thinker Product Manager