Eric Evans

Author of “Domain-Driven Design”

Alberto Brandolini

Inventor of EventStorming

Mathias Verraes

Student of Systems

Anita Kvamme

UX person in love with DDD

Bruno Boucard

Emancipating Developers

Thomas Pierrain

Use Case Driven

Daniel Somerfield

Data Horticulturist. Code Tinkerer.

Dave Buchanan

Development Manager and Architect

Dave Rael

Bounded Contextualist

Derek Comartin

Domain Driven Developer

Dion Stewart

Ask Me About Dojos

Emily Stamey

Developer, Crafty Person, and Eater of Legacy Spaghetti

Gien Verschatse


Nick Tune

Junior Master Strategist

Gomti Mehta

DDD Enthusiast

Indu Alagarsamy

Event-driven Model Enthusiast

Arty Starr

Author of Idea Flow

Jean-François Cloutier

Accidental DDDer

Jérémie Chassaing

Software Gardener

James Brayton

Code Incompletist

Josh Maletz

Caffeinated Developer

Kacper Gunia

Domain Explorer

Marijn Huizendveld

Engage and Embrace

Paul Rayner

Domain Remodeler

Mauro Servienti

Wannabe Architect

Michel Grootjans

Code Monkey

Thomas Coopman


Sandi Metz

Author and Obsessive Programmer

Nataliya Remez

Engineering Excellence Evangelist

Sara Pellegrini

Passionate Learner

Scott Millett

Author of PPP of DDD

Scott Wlaschin

Functional Domain Modeler

Shaun Anderson

Modernization Master

Szymon Pobiega

Distributed engineer, AFOL

Wei Wang

DDDChina Co-founder

Zsófia Herendi

Flow addict PM

Adam Tornhill

Technical Debt Detective