DDD For Messaging Architectures

mathias Verraes 3-Day Workshop
Mon - Wed, Sept 10-12

The software industry keeps moving towards more message-oriented architectures. These require different ways of reasoning about system design, domain modelling, evolutionary architectures.

Domain-Driven Design is exceptionally suitable for this: its fundamental principles are universal to software design, and apply well to all kinds of architectures: focus on domain language and collaborative modelling, Bounded Contexts, and mapping the relationships between Contexts.

What has changed, are the techniques to achieve those goals. This workshop takes a highly practical approach to improve your toolkit for reasoning about message architectures.

I spent three days immersed in the Domain–Driven Design world with Mathias. It was a great experience where I learned a lot about DDD. Mathias created an environment where we could interact all together experimenting with DDD. Furthermore Mathias adapted the workshop content dynamically to our needs and our concerns. It is a recommended experience!


What You'll Learn

  • Event Storming, a collaborative exploration and modelling technique to help you map out a complex business domain.
  • Temporal Modelling, a modelling style that moves away from traditional structural models and ERDs, in favour of promoting events, processes, behaviours, and dependencies between business logic, to first class.
  • CQRS, an architectural model for better decoupling between different responsibilities.
  • Event Sourcing, a persistence strategy.
  • Evolving message architectures when the business changes.
  • Strategic Design, mapping Bounded Contexts, and reasoning about the relationships between services.


  • Senior devs & architects
  • Language-agnostic
  • No devices required

Mathias made Domain–Driven Design very real and practical. He managed to find a good balance between practical workshop, theory, and sharing experiences. This workshop really gave me the keys to use DDD in our projects and showed me new perspectives like Event Sourcing. It is definitely a must have complement to the usual books by Eric Evans and Vaughn Vernon. I would definitely recommend this workshop to any developer or architect who is keen to learn a different way to model software.